Monday, March 10, 2008

Bits and Pieces from an Exhausted "Baller"

Hello my bougie brethren!

A little about my state of mind... I'm EXHAUSTED! From traveling to the chilly plains of Ann Arbor... to celebrating the birth of loved ones in DC... to braving killer winds and monsoon rains in Texas... the bb is beat!

But a few things inspired me to post... first and foremost... SALES SALES SALES! And all kinds of sales too... the nice thing about business trips is that I usually have a few moments to slip out and do some exploring... Ann Arbor was no exception and I was stunned to find Poshh is a fabulous boutique with a unique sense of style... and yes, they have amazing sales! Check them out on Facebook too!

While bumming around in my homie's abode (who is on a level of bougie ballin' fabulous I can't even describe... shout-out to Ms. Sai!)... I found a viritual treasure chest in ASOS Online. Run to the clearing rack folks... they have tons of goodies for women (clothing, beauty, accessories, etc.) and they carry men's clothes/items as well. I ended up purchasing this stunner:

and jazzing it up with an invisible belt and a pair of rhinestone open-toed sandals. **Remember to switch to US currency so you can see the price in dollars... not pounds!** Guys, click here to visit the men's section so you don't feel left out!

Great, isn't it? Just a brief self-plug here, check out the Bougie Ballin' on a Budget Facebook Group for regular updates on deals, steals, & bougie appeals :)

Given that I'm on the road, I also thought it'd be fun to do a "travel on a budget" post sometime next week. So if you have any suggestions for locales on a budget, let me know!

The BB


chic simplicity said...

umm... clearly you rocked/ran it so much better!!!

mboogie said...

I second the above really should've just put a pic of you on this post!

Thanks for the update on the road. Def looking forward for your travel post!

The Bougie Baller said...

Aww thanks guys :)

And yes... the travel post will come sometime next week! I think it will be an "intro to the travel basics"... the second installment will be about planning your dream vacation on a budget... third installment about business/school traveling on a budget... etc.

e said...

she's back.

oh yay. i would love anything on traveling on a budget - i gotta get outta this city girl!


p.s. you def rocked that dress better than the model did.

The Bougie Baller said...

aww thanks again guys :p

and yes! for traveling on a budget! I've got some great stuff to share... I can't wait though so I've decided to share two things that popped up in my inbox today:

1. Virgin "America" is having a super sale between major American cities... $44 from San Fran to LA for example... great weekend "get-away" price :)

2. Spirit Air = crazy ticket prices... ALWAYS. And if you're a Spirit Air Club member... they are having their $8/$9 red light fare sale now! Granted, you have to *pay* to be a member of the Air Club... but you could do something like buy a one-month membership (about 10 bucks)... holla @ those $9 tickets... and presto, you've got a caribbean vacation for a total of $27+tax. *smh*

Anyway... thanks for the love and can't wait for the post!

-the bb (texas style... lol)

Ambrosiality said...

the name of your blog is the funniest thing ever, I'm about to start saying it in conversations =)

Asos is always fab! I just never get around to buying their stuff, hmm.

Danielle Jenene said...

I'm feeling you "Bougie Baller" it's a life model, ASOS has been my hot spot for going on three years. I've been stingy with it I confess but, I guess we must spread the wealth.

chic simplicity said...

bougie, where could you be?? well i wanted to say i've stopped by a few times for a new entry but.... *sad face*

Anonymous said...

For the travel post...make sure you mention Hotwire for fab hotel deals. You can usually find a 3-3.5 star hotel for less than $100/night..sometimes $100 per weekend.

The Bougie Baller said...

Hi guys! Thanks for the kind words :-)

and anon - you're right, hotwire is amazing! It's a little risky since you can't see the name of the hotel or tell how many beds you are going to get... but the prices they offer are amazing! I also use priceline,, and kayak!

Anonymous said...

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