Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Salutations my bougie brethren!

A few "bits and pieces" from the mind of the bougie baller:

*NYC Restaurant week is *not* to be missed. Megu was amazing. I urge you to check out restaurant week in your region.

*Online sample sales are the truth - and yes, the stock goes just as quickly as it does in real life.

*Check out ValStyle. She's taking men and women's shopping to the next level.

*'Tis the season to be bargain shopping... well at least until March arrives!

*Overstock.com is my secret weapon. So is ShopStyle.

*Thanks for the fashion week insight...

*Welcome back C. Dot!

*Be on the lookout for a Bougie Balling Facebook Group. Cliche? Perhaps. Constructive and productive? Always!


*Next post: "What Women Want: The Valentine's Day Edition"...

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The Bougie Baller