Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Women Want: The 2008 Valentine's Day Edition!

Happy Valentine's Day my bougie folks!

*sends the readers bougie besos*

So... Valentine's Day... a day for sunshine and roses, candlelight dinners, and pricey baubles? Perhaps not so much... Valentine's Day is one of those weird "non-federal" holidays that inspires a range of emotions in the general population. Old flames get nostalgic, couples argue over expectations then apologize with stolen kisses, and single folks run rampant in the streets spreading love galore. Quite the exaggeration, I know *smile*

One thing I've realized over the years is that I don't want Valentine's Day to be about fancy gifts or forced declarations of love infinite. At the same time, I'm a romantic hypocrite (of course), so if Prince Charming shows up on my doorstep with a Tiffany's bangle and a bouquet of roses... surely I am not going to deny him the pleasure of my V-Day company!

To my male readers, I know - confusing, conflicted, contradictory! So in order to help you out, I prepared a brief list - "What Women Want: The 2008 Valentine's Day Edition!" A gift for every occasion, an action for every desire. And really, this isn't only good for Valentine's Day... also useful for birthdays, Christmases, special occasions, and meaningful dalliances.

So without further ado...

"What Women Want: The 2008 Valentine's Day Edition"

1. Thought - Do you know me? Do you know what I like? Do you know what makes me giddy? It really doesn't take much, all you have to do is listen! Being thoughtful doesn't have to involve a material object either. If you know that I'm stressed with work... surprise me by cleaning the apartment, washing the laundry, or doing the dishes. Have I been homesick lately? Arrange for a surprise phone-call from my family and/or friends. Am I avoiding my taxes because I'm clueless when it comes to this kind of thing? Provide me with a list of certified pro-bono tax accountants (with a cute note attached, of course)!

Thrifty suggestion:
*Hire your sweetie a professional cleaner for one day (suggestion courtesy of Angela W.)... expensive? Not necessarily. Cleaning services can run as low as $10 an hour depending on apartment size and "mess" - check out

2. Creativity - Standard V-Day stuff is cute but often *yawn-worthy*. Chocolates are boring, flowers *can* be exciting... but they die. Ever tried scrap-booking? Make a book of "all your favorite moments (or pay someone else to do it)... go "paint-balling" with a group of friends, arrange a private "sample-sale party" through a style consultant!

Thrifty suggestion:
*Has your lady always wanted to shoot a rifle? Gun range! Or maybe she's a golf aficionado... sign her up for 5 golf lessons at her local golf course. The trick is to find something unusual that she loves/wants.

3. Experience - I've been hearing a lot of discussion about providing someone with an "experience" rather than a "material object"... I couldn't agree more! Take your honey to her favorite off-broadway play, get her a personal-day shopper from Nordstrom's, take her to Mohegan Sun for a couples day-spa trip.

Thrifty suggestion:
*Buy your lady a ticket to a sample sale extravaganza like Shecky's Girl's Night Out ($10-$30), or if you want to do something together, take her to a restaurant that has special meaning to the two of you... that could be a place as snazzy as French Laundry... or as bootleg as Old Country Buffet - price doesn't matter, "meaning" and "shared experience" does.

4. Material - No lady is going to turn down diamonds... but you don't need to offer something that crazy/outrageous in order to show her that you care (in a material way). Is she a Tiffany's fan? Buy her a cute and affordable charm for her bracelet (or just the bracelet and add to it on special occasions)... feeling a little braggadocios? Plan a budget get-away to Washington, DC, Miami, or Puerto RIco... use tools like Priceline, Hotwire, and Kayak to figure out affordable and fun options for a quick domestic or foreign jaunt.

Thrifty suggestion:
Check out the jewelry selection from your local discount retailer or online store (no one has to know!)... for example, check out the jewelry selection on Overstock.

So just some fun suggestions folks! And remember that V-Day isn't necessarily *that* serious... but it can definitely be a time for fun and memories too! For my single ladies/men... revel in yourself and treat your body to something special (who says you can't spoil yourself?)... go out with your friends, hit the lounges, hit the bars, have a nice dinner and celebrate your friendships!

And ladies, remember that if you do choose to celebrate V-Day... it's not a one-way street. Do something to show your dude that you care... he'll appreciate it :)

So let me know your thoughts! How did/didn't you celebrate Valentine's Day '08? What worked? What didn't work?

The Bougie Baller


Lemu said...

this shit was mad late son.

The Bougie Baller said...

lol well duh... Valentine's Day is just way too sneaky... doesn't work well with no internet + ann arbor cold!

miko said...

dag... V-day was a minute ago. LOL. mine was surprisingly good