Monday, May 12, 2008

Handbag Quickie

Hi ladies & gents,

Thanks so much for the commentary on the Mother's Day post. I hope you had a wonderful day appreciating the women in your lives!

So just a quick little blurb because I couldn't resist!

I'm a hand-bag fanatic ... and today I received word that there's a great Kate Spade sale in progress through May 26... check it out!

25% off all sale items when you use the code SALEAWAY.

There are some great little steals on there... my favorites?

The Classic Noel Gillen
Originally $195
Now $110.50 (with discount applied)

The Fisher Island Parker
Originally $225
Now $84.75 (with discount applied)

Explore the site, I'm sure you'll find some great stuff! And don't worry, I'll have some even better handbag deals & steals for you in the future. You can start by checking out Forever 21. They make cute and trendy bags at discount prices.

My personal favorite right now is this orange patent leather clutch... it's so bright - perfect for Summer adventures!

Magnetic Patent Clutch in Orange
$15.80 from Forever 21

Happy hunting!


-the bb


e said...

the bags are def cute. i need to step up my handbag game for real. can you do one on coats/jackets... *moment of silence for my stolen k=jacket*


The Bougie Baller said...

thanks for the suggestion eva! and can do and will do on coats...!