Monday, May 5, 2008

Mama You Know I Love You...

Hola boughiettos! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I hope you're all out working hard so you can take off from work early, grab some chile con' carne, and party with $2 drink specials somewhere!

I've been gone and I certainly missed you! I hope you've been checking out the Facebook Group because there are plenty of daily deals, steals, and bougie appeals posted for everyone.

Moving on to more news: MOTHER'S DAY! It's just around the corner!

I love Mother's Day! What better way to show appreciate to mom then a day completely devoted to how awesome she is? Realistically we should tell tell our mother's how much we appreciate her everyday, but Mother's Day gives us a chance to make up for all of the forgetful moments, the gaffs, and the mistakes.

And Mother's Day doesn't just have to be for your mother... I like to surprise my aunts, my grandmothers, and some of the other important "mom" figures in my life with cards or little tokens to say "I appreciate you."

But how do you show someone you appreciate them without breezing through all your worldly savings? Or in my case, how do you show a group of women that already have everything that you love and appreciate them?

1. Be "around": If you're mom is the emotional sort or loves your company, she'll love the idea of you being around... even if it's just for a day or two. You might not have the money to throw buckets of stuff at her, but you can hang out with her for the weekend, cook her breakfast, take her to the movies, and do simple stuff for her (like clean the house or take out the trash). This is a great option if you live semi-close or within traveling distance. Check out Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, and Kayak for last minute airfare travel deals, use AAA to get a 10% discount on Amtrak, or just hop on the various cheap travel buses like New Century Travel (do it for mom)!

2. Give her an "experience": Take mom out to dinner, take her to a play, or take her to her favorite garden. If you want to get really sentimental, take her somewhere that has significance for both of you. Are you and your mom science geeks? Take her to the Body World Exhibit! Another example - my grandmothers are both fans of The View... so I got them tickets to go hang out and sit in the audience ... it was also an economical decision since tickets are free :) Be creative with this one since there are lots of interesting and fun things you can do here!

3. Be "material": Is mom a rare flowers fanatic? Send her a combination of her favorite flowers. Send her on a day-long spa trip. Get her a cute charm bracelet... is she a technology wiz? Send her the latest in scanner technology!

4. Be "creative": Make a photo album with memorable moments from her life, starting with childhood. Plan a home-cooked brunch for all of the dynamic women in your life, and honor them each with a little handwritten memory card... call your mom at the crack of dawn and sing her favorite song over the phone!

So bougies, how do you celebrate the women in your lives? Do you do anything special? Any memorable moments come to mind?

Good luck and cheers!

-the bb