Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things...

As cheesy as it might sound, I've always loved this song from The Sound of Music... it invites all kinds of excitements into the listener and inspires you to think of your *own* favorite things...

And considering that January is the traditional month for "list-making," I'd figured I'd share a few of my January "favorite things" with you... if Oprah can do it... well then why can't I? *smile*


If and are the fashionable budget shoppers online lodestones... well then Shop Style must be the holy grail of high-end online bargain shopping! It is one of the most comprehensive shopping websites currently available and allows you to type in your item of interest... and pull up every location, price, sale, and option for that one item. While technically this isn't a "thing" it will get you plenty closer to find those items that you dream about... mesmerizing!

2. Brian Atwood "Cleo" Lizard Pump in Plum (available at

I just received these in the mail today and I must say - kudos Brian Atwood... kudos! I am quickly becoming a fan of Atwood's sleek lines and flattering silhouettes... not to mention the shoe is enormously comfy and versatile. Best of all - Atwood's shoes tend to go on super sale! These shoes were purchased for $160 (shipping/handling and tax included)... a significant drop from the original $865 price tag!


I'm not a huge perfume fan (and yes you may quote me on that)... my favorite scents are limited to Prada... and that's about it (please note that I am open to perfume advice... feel free to send suggestions!). My boyfriend however... is a smell-a-holic. He lives and breathes colognes and probably has 80 bottles at his disposal. Such a habit might seem monstrously expensive but with a website like scentiments, it doesn't have to be. Scents like Burberry Touch or Vera Wang Men's Cologne are sold for as low as $12.99 (retailing in major stores for double and triple those prices). Remember that Prada perfume I adore? Well I love it because I have to... I paid almost $80 for it and I felt I needed to get my money's worth... I checked on and guess the price? $40. Yikes, what a difference a discount makes!

4. Sephora Brand Metallic Pocket Brush Set (available at

I received this brush set from one of my best friends for Christmas... I think she must be psychic because I recently (accidentally) threw away about $300 worth of makeup and tools, including half of my professional NARS brush set (ugh, don't ask!).

It's compactness is quite a boon in a pinch and it's affordable to even the thriftiest of budget bougies at $15. If you are not aware, you can easily re-use brush sets, simply by washing them with mild detergeant and letting them air dry for a day or two. I plan on beefing up my brush supply and buying another set... from CVS... yes! CVS! Out of all of the many brush sets I've owned (and I've owned quite a few), CVS makes the best liner brushes... for about $2! Try it out!

5. The Macbook Pro (13-inch, available at

My Father, brother, and I purchased a 13 inch Macbook (edit: thanks for being a stickler Frank!) in white for my mother for Christmas. I'm a mac-nerd and I love everything by, for, and about macs. Sleek, elegant, and efficient, I have yet to have another computer to compare to my apples. I've tried Dell and Sony Vaio and both made me run screaming for the hills *shudder* For those of you looking for a computer, I strongly urge you to consider one in the Mac Family, especially if you're limited to basic technological phenomenon (I mean if you're a gamer, you really do need a separate console for all of that nerdiness).

At $1,099 retail the Macbook might seem a bit pricey but there are ways to score the computer for significantly cheaper or on a budget. Some examples: find a friend in college, graduate, or law school... and buy through them (this goes for anything software or hardware related). Discounts range from as low as 5% to as high as 50% on the software/hardware front. Plus your computer will come loaded with tons of goodies otherwise unavailable to you, like endnote. Another budget solution is to finance your purchase and at $30 a month, Apple has a great credit plan. **warning** do not undertake credit endeavors if you are BAD with credit (fyi, I plan on doing a blog about establishing strong credit or repairing damaged credit!)!! If the Macbook is not your style, try the mac-mini. At $599, the mac mini is a stylish and affordable alternative to the macbook...

6. (Bonus Item) The Wire - Box DVD Sets
Why is this a bonus? Well because I'm almost *not willing* to bargain on the Wire DVDs... the show is so crucial to me (and most) that if available at full price... we will snatch it up, no questions asked. However, I've noticed that the prices listed in stores radically differ from the prices available on your friendly online store.

You can buy seasons 1-3 for the insanely low price of $96 from (versus $150 in Best Buy)... if you're willing to go second-hand (which in many cases, is as good as new) Amazon offers some fairly interesting deals. Better yet... if you're willing to wait (I know many of you are not), the prices for the DVDs will drop in approximately two months. I bought all 4 seasons for $121 in November from Amazon... they've since risen as high as $223. So if you're willing to wait or to hunt... you'll definitely be able to afford one of the hottest shows on television right now!


e said...

oh yeah, i'm gonna check out those brushes. sephora def sells em cheaper than mac. blah.

good look on teachin us how to wash em. this women i met at mac washes her with baby shampoo.

The Bougie Baller said...

Baby shampoo is a great idea... you just need something gentle that won't irritate your skin... re-use, re-use, re-use!

Also, if you bring your old mac containers and supplies to a mac counter, you receive a discount on your next purchase :)

spazzalicious said...
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miko said...


sorry for your makeup loss :-(

i recently got a great brush set at sephora for my mom!!!

oh, and sephora has a new thing where you sign up for their club (free) and if you spend $100 you get a free gift. i spent like $105 and got a really great-smelling l'occitane lotion gratis!!!

The Bougie Baller said...

Oooh Tomiko, thanks for the hint! Might have to do a post in the future about sign-up incentives that don't hurt your pocket or your credit... ha ha!

fwmj said...

macbook pro's only come in 15" and 17"

macbooks are white and black at 13"

you know...
to be a stickler and all

The Bougie Baller said...

thanks for the correction frank... duly noted!