Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome, Salutations, and Cheers!

Hello my beautiful bougie folks,

If you've just discovered this website (perhaps by accident... perhaps on purpose... perhaps through gentle persuasion at the hands of a friend *hint hint*) welcome... and a large welcome to everyone in general since this is officially my first post to what I hope will be a fabulous (and fashionable) endeavor.

A little about myself:
I'm a 26 (soon to be 27) year old academic and closet fashionista. Stylish budget shopping is my sport of choice and I'm quite good at it *pats self on the back*... years of training by my "original shopping gangsta" mother have instilled in me a nose for sophisticated bargains, steals, and deals! My full time job is an advanced degree PhD candidate at a well-known university.

A little about this site:
For years, my friends and I have been helping each other find fabulous finds at discounted prices. Why pay $700 for a pair of Jimmy Choos when you can pay $200? $220 for a pair of Rock & Republic Jeans? Try $75! $1500 for a week-long trip to Jamaica? Never that - I'll stick to $500 all inclusive vacations in the Dominican Republic.

This website is meant to entertain, enrich, and open the viewers up to a world of stylishing findings at a 50% discount rate. I firmly believe that it is possible to have the things you need, want, and desire as long as you are smart and savvy about your purchases and you recognize that everything is best when done in moderation!

With that being said... this site is a hodgepodge of my favorite finds, bargains, budgets, and steals. I'm an interactive person so I hope this will also be a forum for dialogue, contributions, and your stories about being a budget consumer in a bougie world!

The Bougie Budget Baller


Miko said...

awesome!!!!!! this will be the best new blog ever i am SO excited!! :-)

The Bougie Baller said...

Thanks lady :) Feel free to contribute! And once I get this thing going... I'll make it official!

e said...

hip hip :) someone's excited!

meganf said...

Yes!!!! this blog is already so good!!!

you found a niche...I'm reading EVERY day :)

Bellvebub said...


The Bougie Baller said...

Luv ya too Bellvey... :)

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